Digital Lifecycle Solutions

We help companies deliver digital products & services with modern practices and methodologies.

Agile Team Leadership

We managed Agile-Scrum and Agile-Kanban teams for a Fortune 100 retailing company and its subsidiaries by providing scaled-agile team leadership for product development efforts across multiple lines of business.

ettain group Managed Services went beyond Agile coaching needs to deliver and manage talent that operated as true practitioners, helping the organization achieve their cultural, structural, and operational agile delivery goals.

Scrum Leadership
Our scrum teams embody agile values and principles.

Product Ownership
We’re always user-centric. We also represent the best interests of the business while maintaining a realistic path to success for engineers.

Technical Leadership
We adhere to code quality standards and best practices. We value team-level leadership to help engineers succeed in your environment.

Software Engineering

We supported a leading multi-national technology company’s hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) platform by building and managing a product development team to own application architecture, delivery automation, code engineering & quality, and production monitoring & support.

ettain group Managed Services partnered with their business technology services organization to create and execute the development roadmap for the revenue-generating platform.

Application Architecture
Application architecture design achieves value when it is reliable, repeatable, and scalable. Service oriented architecture is an intentional decision.

End-to-End Engineering
Developers and engineers both play a part. We value blending skill sets for purposeful team composition. We support the entire application stack, including system administration.

Test Engineering + Testing
Test planning and test execution are central to quality and value. We take a pragmatic approach that includes manual and automation testing. We pursue in-sprint automation wherever possible.


We supported a leading healthcare improvement organization’s IT product development initiative by providing engineering teams to manage their software delivery efficiency.

ettain group Managed Services collaborated with their in-house automation services teams to create, manage and scale cloud computing instances for SCM, CI/CD, test automation, and performance monitoring/metrics tools focused on supporting microservice deployments for their revenue-generating applications.

Delivery Pipeline Automation
We work with product leadership to build the automated elements that support continuous iterations and accelerate value.

Application Infrastructure
Cloud services providing infrastructure-as-code fuel delivery pipelines. We align with IT Ops processes to serve developers’ practices.

Performance Monitoring
We understand the management complexities of supporting microservices at scale. Application performance monitoring ensures consistent value while in production.


A Fortune 50 financial services company struggled to identify, recruit, and retain talent to support and grow its big data platform, while also advancing their enterprise data in client analytics and data governance.

ettain group onboarded experienced execution-focused resources in Architecture, Data Engineering, Master Data Management, and Data Science to support their enterprise data strategy from end to end.

We learn more about your customers and your enterprise with our data science and business intelligence focus.

Architecture + Management
We extract more value from your data by enhancing your platform and supporting systems.

We instill understanding and confidence in your metrics through enhanced data quality and governance practices.

What Makes Us Different

At ettain group, we believe that digital transformations begin and end with your customers. We look across experience design & engineering challenges to build intentional talent solutions.

Intentional solutions: that means we build and operate consultant teams that are more cost effective than using expensive consulting partners to deliver work. We also focus on quality outcomes often difficult to achieve through traditional offshore models or a la carte staff augmentation. 

We actively manage teams of creative and engineering talent using in-house ettain group subject matter experts – veterans in the field who are invested in your success.

Our talented contractors work for you. During a project or program, we manage talent alongside your own team, smartly filling talent gaps to complete the lifecycle.

We own outcomes – sprint cycles or project launches for instance – so that our teams are completely integrated with your KPIs. Our success is your success.

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