Digital Lifecycle Solutions

We help companies explore and develop the art of the possible with user-first solutions.

Design Thinking

We live in an age of extreme customer expectations, where customers have the power, and trust is the new digital currency.  So we use design thinking to develop solutions from the outside in.  We know end users come first.

For example, we used design thinking to redesign the digital front door of a major manufacturing automation company.

The result: a customer-centric view of the problem which led to an actionable strategy to produce a pilot.

We aim to understand the feelings and latent needs of end users before we put pen to paper.

We unpack our findings and reframe the problem with the data we have.  If we need more data, we go back to Empathize.

Directed chaos! But chaos can be constructive. We go after a high volume of ideas. Everyone has a voice.

We use lots of different tools to build realistic interpretations of our ideas. We “fail forward” and aren’t afraid to push for novel ideas.

We share and learn from our prototype quickly. This isn’t A/B testing. We’re asking smart questions to test viability and ROI.

Experience Design

We staffed a major financial institution’s customer experience team with project managers, designers, and content strategists to redesign their mobile banking experience.

The ettain group team collaborated with the in-house CX team to create wireframes, prototypes and visual design standards with a strong focus on adherence to branding guidelines.

We like drawing, sketching, and erasing. Wireframes and visuals serve as a means to an end. We design only what we need to build.

We have a bias toward interactive designs. We use tools like InVision, Axure, JS libraries, or good old-fashioned HTML to simulate the real thing.

Test + Learn
We test with end users in concept phases to mold the clay and in production phases to continuously iterate and drive to value.

Content Strategy

ettain group is responsible for updating, cataloging and managing a library of digital assets for nationwide bank’s online properties that serves as the source of record for user experience.

The effort informs and influences a component library, design standards, and editorial standards across the company’s entire digital ecosystem.

Digital Marketing
Online publishing, social media management, email marketing, digital editing.

Content Strategy
We help content find its purpose by analyzing audience needs and information-seeking behaviors.

We focus on consistency, SEO, channel/device, structure, and taxonomy so content is accessible.

Brand Management
We manage enterprise graphic and content assets to ensure consistency and scale.

UI Development

We provide Agile teams to deliver software design, development and automation testing using Scrum for a nationwide retailer.

Our Managed Services team provides thought leadership and direction while we seamlessly align with our client’s technology managers, software managers, and release train engineers.

UI Development & Testing
We engage front-end developers in the design process to ensure work is achievable and meets requirements. While we can build in waterfall, we prefer agile workflows to deliver iteratively and efficiently.  We engineer our test plans to design-level precision.

Agile Delivery
We use Agile to achieve the same iterative-focused culture, structure, and operational capabilities as full-stack development teams.  ettain group’s Client Solutions team is uniquely positioned to help you build and manage Agile teams in the creative space, allowing you to tactically scale based on end-user needs.

What Makes Us Different

At ettain group, we believe that digital transformations begin and end with your customers. We look across experience design & engineering challenges to build intentional talent solutions.

Intentional solutions: that means we build and operate consultant teams that are more cost effective than using expensive consulting partners to deliver work. We also focus on quality outcomes often difficult to achieve through traditional offshore models or a la carte staff augmentation. 

We actively manage teams of creative and engineering talent using in-house ettain group subject matter experts – veterans in the field who are invested in your success.

Our talented contractors work for you. During a project or program, we manage talent alongside your own team, smartly filling talent gaps to complete the lifecycle.

We own outcomes – sprint cycles or project launches for instance – so that our teams are completely integrated with your KPIs. Our success is your success.

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